Friday, February 27, 2009

Personalized Diet Plans are Healthy

I read an interesting article compliments of CNN. They tested various diet plans to determine which diet works best. Their findings? IT DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! Why is this enlightening? Because this is what I'm trying to preach... To lose weight, and more importantly, to keep it off, there is a single diet you should stick to - your own personalized diet plan.

What I mean by this is simple - don't trust the fads out there that say their new plan is the best way to lose weight. Bar none, the best way is to eat healthy and exercise. Plain and Simple. Black and White. If you find healthy foods that you love, you will be able to start a trend that is not only worth continuing, but you will want to continue because you're not torturing yourself with a temporary solution that won't last.

Tailor your diet to the foods you want to eat day in and day out. But remember (and this was the important part about the study mentioned above), don't over consume. People tend to over analyze weight loss when in reality it's simple. Burn more calories than you eat. That's it, that's the magic formula. Whether you like steaks and chicken and want to go towards the high protein, low carb diet or are unwilling to give up pasta and bread, find what diet works best for you. Do you think you can created a personalized diet plan that abides by this fundamental idea?

Don't intellectualize weight loss, remember the golden rule - watch your caloric consumption. Just don't think that means your diet can consist of candy. Really try to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and raw foods. I'm not saying you need to eat just a raw foods diet, but I mentioned it before - a good general rule of thumb is the less ingredients the better. Why? Because that means less processing, less chemicals, less bad stuff, more good and natural stuff.

Nature provides the best and most pure solutions for all sorts of problems, including a nutritional diet. But I'm not limiting the benefits of nature to food. Some of the most elegant engineering ideas stemmed from nature observations. Heck, think about some of our medical advancements and tools. I think in 20-30 years we will have a much better understanding of the human brain, and will have machines that interface with your brain to do amazing stuff. Put simply, this world and all its living things are a work of pure art. So consume that art - preferably in a delicious vegetative form.

Didn't mean to get too much off topic there, so here's the moral of the story. Find your own personalized diet plan that fits your needs - and your wants. There are a ton of choices in your local grocery store, so exhaust your options to find your optimal weight loss plan. Remember, stick to healthy diet plans and you will lose weight. The principle is simple enough, and I know it can be hard to follow through - but if you are truly dedicated, you will succeed!

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