Sunday, February 8, 2009

Online Workout Videos: Cardio Workout

In a world where nearly everything can be found on the internet, why not use this virtual space to help your weight loss goals?

Instead of immediately joining a gym or buying a bunch of DVDs, just go on YouTube and search for cardio workout, online workout videos, or dance workout videos (depending on what you're looking for). You'll find a plethora of free exercise workout videos that you can follow in the comfort of your own home.

Like most people, I need some form of entertainment or distraction that makes the time go by quickly while working out. That's why I love the internet - I can sit in front of my HDTV with my favorite TV show or movie on while I'm burning some extra calories next to my laptop. Or I'll put on an iTunes playlist that gets me energized and helps to motivate me for a workout.

For a beginner's workout, start off by doing some cardio a few times a week, for 15-30 minutes per session. Then slowly work your way up to longer sessions.

I'll be completely honest, cardio workouts are probably my least favorite part of a solid workout regime, but I encourage people to find something that gets their blood pumping that they enjoy. For instance, I tend to not like running because I think it's somewhat boring - but I love playing basketball. I'd rather work up a sweat playing basketball for 2 hours than go on a 1-mile run.

Maybe you enjoy to dance, and would rather burn calories by putting on your favorite house music and dance around your house for an hour. The actual type of workout you choose is no where near as important as finding something that gets your blood pumping and puts your body in motion.

Many people say they don't have time to fit in a workout - I say find the time to do the little things that will add up, if you truly can't set aside an entire hour for working out. If you go to the grocery store, park near the back and walk the extra 100 yards instead of searching for 10 minutes for the closest spot. Grab a gallon of milk and do a few bicep curls before putting it into your cart. If you have kids, take them for a walk and go to the park with them. If you're at the mall, take a lap around the place instead of going to one store.

But again, if you prefer to get your workout in at home, peruse the computer for some simple online workout videos - whether they be cardio, yoga, dancing, abs, etc. There is a plethora of information out there that is easily accessible, it's up to you to go and find it!

Here's an example of a dance workout video - check it out below... It's a little complicated for my liking (and I'm a guy so I wouldn't be caught dancing to Paula Abdul unless I was completely drunk!) but if it floats your boat, might as well give it a try.

So everyone - keep on working on yourself, stick to a healthy diet for weight loss and don't forget to check out an exercise workout video online!

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